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Nov 8, 2013 7:00am EST
through. >> you used to though were dismantled. it is an historic moment. iran is willing to limit the enrichment and to invite international monitors in a way they never have before. is israel not finding it within itself to welcome those moves? >> because they are meaningless concessions. even the president himself has said if iran maintains the uranium, theyich still have nuclear capabilities. 17 countries on this planet have peaceful nuclear energy programs. you only need enrichment if you want to bomb. sot is why the iranians are steadfast and not giving up enrichment. un security council resolutions are black and white. we fail to understand why we are back tracking on the un security council resolution. surely, all of the major powers involved in these talks understand the issues. are you not satisfied to trust john kerry, the united states, germany, and let them decide what is a safe deal for the world? concernsassure you our are shared by iran's other neighbors. >> address my point. john kerry has just been to israel. he has just talked to benjamin netanyahu. he has outlin
Nov 1, 2013 7:00am EDT
prosecution in history. the american defense secretary chuck hague criticized nine u.s. states for failing to grant full benefits for the partners of gays and lesbian american knells. he said texas and south carolina are among states who refused to issue i.d. cards to same sex partner offense national guard staff. that's despite a supreme court ruling earlier this year. now to a rape and murder which has shocked the nation. a 17-year-old girl was attacked and left for dead on a build site near cape town in south africa. she suffered horrific injuries and died later in hospital. today, one man has been sentenced to life in prison but doubts remain over whether he was acting alone. we are outside the crouse --s you in the western cape. >> he received two live sentences for raining, mutilating a woman. as he walked into the courtroom, i asked him how he was feeling he told me he is feeling good and he told me he is not guilty of killing her. the judge kept on emphasizing the brutality of this attack saying the way in which she was killed shows what kind of person mess and that the judge sente
Nov 5, 2013 7:00am EST
. there are a number of satellites with critical information seen as useful indeed. most recently a cyclone hit the indian east coast and it up enough early warning signals to warn hundreds of thousands of poor villagers along the coast. that the space program is incredibly popular in india. showing off not just the countries technological prowess, but adding a boost to national pride. >> if you think about the space race between the united states and russia, india must feel good about getting some of the way towards the red planet where china failed. >> i think they will wait to pronounce judgment on that until they can successfully conclude yes, i thinkbut you're seeing the beginnings of a burgeoning asian space race. both china and japan have launched missions to mars that have not been successful. the americans and the russians did it in the last century. an asian space race, but it is a friendly one. everyone thinks it is all in good spirits and that the competition is a friendly competition. >> thank you so much. in naturalch resources, republic of congo rebels say that they are laying do
Nov 7, 2013 7:00am EST
arafat's widow. thank you for joining us here on gmt. to the your response findings as you understand them from this particular report? this report is very accurate actually. i saw some analysis and some doubts about this. we are speaking about the most accurate people in the world. analysis onsome television about the word moderate. there is not mean polonium. the only thing we can make 100% analysis is if it is in the dna. conclusion in the that it supports the consequence that this was poisoning with polonium 210. scientists if they were ready to say all this in court and whether it was murder, they said, of course we can testify in court that this was a murder and an assassination. just before you do that, in your view, you would say there is no doubt. we are expecting another report, which is being put together by russian scientists where there will be considerable donald. -- doubt. the swiss are sure and they are ready to discuss with all kinds of scientists. peopleve high standard who already witnesses in court for the findings. >> you are satisfied that these findings are conc
Nov 12, 2013 7:00am EST
in these most primitive conditions, everyone out wandering in the dreadful morass of what used to be their homes, picking out what they can to make a shelter for themselves. i think that people have been living under bits of cardboard to keep dry. it is interesting, however wet it is thehey are, food situation as you saw in the report it is really worrying them. food stocks were destroyed in their homes. supplies are drying up and it is extraordinary. it is a tough situation, i know, for any situation with damaged infrastructure. but there is so little sign of any preparation, five days into this disaster. >> we are going to have a look at what efforts are being made to pull things together. is there a message, at least, filtering through to the people where you are that help is on the way? is no word-of-mouth is not reliable here. people have no phones, no televisions, they do not know. they do not have any sense that anything is being done. of talk inlot manila, a tremendous amount of talked at the airport could handle quite a bit of aid, and they do not seem to be preparing spac
Nov 14, 2013 2:30pm PST
. >> if we're serious, there is no need for us to add new sanctions. >> and it is an art show like no other. photographers are using a hashtag to show atlanta in a new light. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. one week after the typhoon devastated the philippines, the eight is finally starting to arrive. the uss george washington has got to the area and it will triple the number of helicopters available to move supplies. there are still places which have quite literally been cut off by the storm. the firstm is guiuan, town hit from the storm. andrew harding sent us this report. >> this is where it all started. the very first encounter between storm and land. not much of a contest. which makes this the first ed,lage to be a raced -- eras and murray are among the first mothers to lose a child. she has come here before to visit the parents with -- the beach with her parents. >> he was so full of life. >> when the typhoon came in, his grandfather tried to save him. >> my father was hit by the water. and then my baby. drowned. survivors are, still waitin
Nov 13, 2013 7:00am EST
. the typical of sort of laceration that has been left for a few days and starting to get septic. kind us is where they bring the babies in. girl on the bed -- and she has a fever and diarrhea. the goal of symptoms of what happens when babies are drinking dirty water, in an unsanitary place. but they a drip literally don't have enough water to give her water to drink. ut it is very basic. the doctors we have been talking to say they need everything. let's cross live to tacloban where the bbc's jonathan head is here for us. jonathan, just describe the situation for us as we enter the evening. as grim as it was, the only really good sign, i suppose -- and this is the first time we have seen. airport, there are signs of a proper organized aid effort getting into gear. amounts of large world food program high-energy biscuits which is good for families who do not have food, being loaded into the military truck and being taken to the city. pinglso saw the u.n. up operation. valerie amos, the chief of humanitarian affairs, stressing that not enough has been done. we also saw an entire field hosp
Nov 6, 2013 7:00am EST
. stay with us for that. to israel's eastern neighbor, syria. hopes for a decades have again been dashed. it has not been possible to agree on the date before the end of the year. the opposition wants bashar assad to step down. public, according to some, should decide. the underlying document is a geneva communiquÉ that talks about transitions, which most people understand as movement to a new leadership. >> we understand to take it step-by-step in geneva. response is one to in syriaby all parties and then even when you talk or whatever,ition this has to be decided by the syrians. this should be subject to discussion. be found with no foreign or regional interference. the opposition wants to know the president assad will go at some point. is that something the syrian government is willing to offer? like to ask about mutual positions. what about opposition? there are other countries with other oppositions. us to is thefor interest of syria. precondition,o for president assad to go or to stay is the decision of the people. >> some syrians must be insisting that it must be clear that at so
Nov 4, 2013 7:00am EST
ill treatment in prison. of theitical leader muslim brotherhood told us that one of the defendants had been mistreated with some sort of water torture, without explaining what it was he said that the president had been beaten by about eight others. all of the defendants repeatedly said it was the kind of refrain for the trial to avoid. at times there was loud heckling from people inside the court, including some egyptian women journalists who shouted out -- i hope you get the death penalty, execution, execution. the lawyers for the brotherhood and some of these egyptian journalists disrupted proceedings to such an extent that people were standing on shares, shouting at each other, waving. the police had to step in to try to calm things down. as i said, proceedings have now been adjourned. we understand that all of the accused have been sentenced to prison. >> we are also joined from outside the courthouse by one of our other correspondents. being said,hat was it was pretty chaotic inside the courtroom. the former president was very vocal. you could be looking at a real trial of strengt
Nov 14, 2013 7:00am EST
to kill us. >> and were people killed? >> yes. >> and reports of women also being -- >> yeah, yeah, women they're going to rape. >> and how much support and how much aid have you had since haiyan? have you had anything at all? >> no. the roads are closed, the airport, the same with the -- the port as well. >> yeah. >> and melanie, how difficult has it been for your children, you're 8 aren't you? >> what? >> how old are you? >> 8. >> how difficult has it been for your children, melanie? >> very difficult. >> do they remember? >> yes, every night, we stop the storm, please, please, going to stop. this is the first time we've experienced it. >> thank you very much for joining us melanie and sandy. well, tacloban was hit particularly badly, of course, but typhoon haiyan hit elsewhere, just a few miles away from where we're standing now. andrew harding has been to have a look at that particular village there. >> this is where the storm first hit land. it's an isolated village right on the coast. as you can see, the devastation here is complete and spectacular. no houses standing, a lot of peop
Nov 15, 2013 7:00am EST
finally seem to be improving. >> tim in tacloban, thank you very much for joining us on "gmt ." becae there clearly are still so many vulnerable to most people in the philippines, we thought we would take a quick look at the weather situation. there has been a break in the stormy weather across the islands for the moment, but there will be showers over the next few hours, making the aid effort again unpleasant. chris has the very latest forecast. tropics are pretty active. a couple of tropical depressions. the first in the bay of bengal >> the second workinacross vietnam at the moment. both of these will be influenced by the atmosphere five kilometers above the earth surface. they steered these weather systems. moving westwards across vietnam will bring rain that could cause localized flooding and then moving across the peninsula of thailand and myanmar, with a risk of localized flooding the next few days. winds, thehe brisk next depression heading very gradually towards sri lanka. it will bully -- it will be particularly slow moving. subtropical ridge will also be responsible for bri
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11